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Individual Tax Return

Tax advisory requires much more than Google search. Every year, we have observed thousands of taxpayers getting penalised when they act on suboptimal advice, have erroneous documentation, or are late filing their returns.

We have deployed our structured approach and years of expertise to help individual & business taxpayers. Our modus operandi does not depend on hiring graduates & trainees who are given templates & inadequate training to put your hard-earned capital at risk. Every TidyTax client is promised professional, expertise and experience-driven advice delivered using our optimized systems and our team of tax advisors bringing 10+ years of experience in tax and accounting.

Our team delivers value across the tax filing process:

  1. Basic tax returns filed with adequate assessment of salaries, interest income, and dividend income.

  2. Tax filing for income from investment properties.

  3. Managing capital gains tax on the sale of financial instruments, real estate and other investments.

  4. Comprehensive tax planning for individuals.

  5. Professional advisory and end-to-end assistance for individuals facing Australian Tax Office Audits.


Our tax advisors are available throughout the year and on-demand. Book a video call or phone call to get your taxes streamlined today.

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We understand the position young graduates and international students are in, having been through that journey ourselves. While you are investing in your future and starting your career as a young professional, it is critical to plan your taxes and get the benefits you are eligible for right away.

As a team of seasoned professionals, we provide our tax planning, filing, and advisory services at a special discount to all the students approaching us. We ensure that you can get your deserved benefits from Medicare Levy Exemptions, ABN holder deduction and even GST lodgement for Uber, Ola, Menu-Log, and other similar services.

We provide advice throughout the year and walk you through our process of tax planning across every stage. Our experts educated you on all the necessary processes in tax and how you can effectively save hundreds of dollars in tax liabilities.

Get in touch with our tax advisors for a video or phone call today and get in the habit of saving tax dollars early in your career.


How does TidyTax maximize your returns?


We have developed an in-house process to ensure every single effective tax claim is realized for your file.


Comprehensive Assessment for Tax Deductible Claims: We conduct a comprehensive assessment for enlisting all the occupational, rental, vehicle, and asset-based deductions you are eligible for.

Framework for Apt Deduction Reasoning: We claim each deduction using precedent-based and accurate reasoning that mitigates the risk of ATO audits.

End-to-End Income Stream Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of all your income streams, both clubbed and individual ones, to locate potential tax efficiencies applicable to your profile.

Expense and Cost Analysis: Our team of experts examines your major and minor expenses & liabilities to accurately locate potential claims for returns.  

Intelligent Advisory: Towards the end of the filing process, once our tax experts have assessed, examined, and benchmarked your profile, we provide custom advisory to unlock tax efficiencies and provide incremental value.

Digital Filing: Once your file is ready and tested for compliance standards & consistency by our internal systems, our licensed tax agents take care of the entire documentation and digital filing process, while you can take the comfort of having efficient tax returns.



TidyTax Benefits

Accessible Tax Advisory: Tax laws can be complex to follow. Our team of experts ensures that every single step is made accessible to you in the simplest terms possible.

Convenient Digital Process: We save you the efforts and fuel costs that would otherwise go into commuting for filing your taxes. All our systems are digital and allow you to complete the documentation from the comfort of your home or office.

Expert-Led Resource-Saving Approach: Our team takes the entire burden of comprehending the tax code and locating applicable laws off your shoulders. We make filing taxes as simple as taking a walk in the park.

Transparent, Fixed, and Competitive Pricing: Our fee structure does not have any hidden costs. As a registered tax agent, our fees are deductible for your taxes and designed to be transparent and cost-effective from day one of our engagement.

On-Demand Expertise: Our team of experts is adaptive and available after working hours and over the weekend on video calls. There will always be an expert available to resolve your tax queries


Simplified Tax Advise - Tax calculation can get too mathematical to absorb. Hence, we explain everything to you in simpler terms so that you feel on the same page with your savings.