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What is tidytax?

Watch this video to find out what tidytax can do for you.

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The benefits for business owners

  • Save your money by using the right professional for the right job when it comes to tax time
  • Save your own time & money by maximising the value you get from your bookkeeper and accountant
  • Don’t be hassled or waste your time with to & fro of questions from your accountant or searching for paperwork once your bookkeepers work is done
  • Communicate with your accountant and bookkeeper in the way they understand
  • Get better advice from your bookkeeper and accountant
  • Take control of your bookkeeping like a pro by doing or delegating your end of year bookkeeping with confidence
  • Have everything you need to get a quote from your accountant before work is started
  • Be confident that you are giving all the right information to get the best tax result for you

Are these claims outrageous?

The creators of tidytax are CPA and CA qualified accountants with over 20 combined years of looking after business owners. They have seen time and time again how much money is wasted by business owners who unknowingly paying their accountant exorbitant rates for doing bookkeeping work.

tidytax for business has been created to give power to you, a business owner, to allow you to be assured that you have a way to minimise your year end accounting fees and ensure you spend your money where it will yield its greatest value.

Ensure the right professional does the right job – your bookkeeper should get your bookkeeping system accountant ready so that your accountant can easily and quickly complete your year end financial statements and taxation returns.


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