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What is tidytax?

Watch this video to find out what tidytax can do for your bookkeeping business.

If you're still unsure, click the links below to get more detail.

Then take the test drive to see some resources and get your copy to experience what it's all about.

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The benefits for bookkeepers & BAS agents

  • Strengthen your compliance with TASA’s Code of Professional Conduct for reasonable care
  • Work with confidence especially when dealing with your client’s accountants
  • Use this inside knowledge to increase your understanding of the preparation and presentation of your client’s year end information for their accountant
  • Earn extra fees from your clients by confidently providing higher level services rather than just data entry and bank reconciliations
  • Feel confident when dealing with your client’s accountant
  • Justify your value to your clients by providing exceptional service
  • Have a useful checklist to cross reference and check that year end client data files are complete and accurate
  • Have access to comprehensive and useful resources to assist you in the year end bookkeeping process
  • Use a structured, proven system created by accountants to help your clients maximise the money they spend with you and their accountant
  • Ease communications between the accountant and the client
  • Understand your client’s full business picture and strengthen your relationship in the process

Are these claims outrageous?

The creators of tidytax are CPA and CA qualified accountants with over 20 combined years of looking after business owners and working with bookkeepers. They have seen time and time again those bookkeepers who know what needs to be done at year end often struggle to present their client’s information so that accountants can work efficiently.

tidytax for business has been created to give bookkeepers a sure fire system to assist their clients spend their hard earned money wisely. The aim of tidytax is to help bookkeepers rise above the limits of quarterly BAS’s and provide the additional services that all bookkeepers should do for their clients.

If you are up to the challenge, this is the tool for you.

Bookkeepers are so close to business owners and the day to day operation of their business, and are strongly positioned to help their clients minimise overall compliance spend by using the right professional for the right job. Bookkeepers can help complete all valuable bookkeeping tasks that will allow the business owner to focus on profitability and tax minimisation with their accountant.


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