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What is tidytax?

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Information for advisors to business

There is plenty of help out there in the marketplace for businesses seeking experts able to guide them in aspects of their operations.

Here at tidytax we believe that any expert who advises a business owners in decision making based on their own internal finances or books should consider tidytax for their clients. Because tidytax helps control the bookkeeping function.

The benefits of tidytax

  • Understand your client’s full business picture so you can provide better advice
  • Add another system to your toolkit which is easy to implement, comprehensive and proven
  • Maximise the value your client receives from their bookkeeper and accountant
  • Let your client take control of bookkeeping procedures
  • Give your client worry free delegation of the bookkeeping function
  • Remove the hassle and ease communications between your client, their bookkeeper and the accountant

Are these claims outrageous?

The creators of tidytax are CPA and CA qualified accountants with over 20 combined years of looking after business owners. They have seen time and time again how much money is wasted by business owners who do not have a reliable bookkeeping system in place.

tidytax for business has been created to give power to small business owners, to allow them to be assured that they have a system to minimise their  year end accounting fees and ensure they  spend their money where it will yield its greatest value.

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