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tidytax for business

tidytax is a book and web site resources

Physical Handbook

The sturdy and durable book steps the user through year end bookkeeping tasks, as well as all the information required by an accountant to prepare year end financials and tax returns.

It’s written in easy to understand words.

The book has tabs which relate to different aspects of a typical businessman or business woman’s affairs.


This section captures all the standard information. It includes a tax calendar for your accountant to complete to summarise:

  • key due dates
  • dates and amounts of tax payable
  • any other milestone dates for the business

Every section contains “Questions and notes for my accountant” pages to allow users to make notes. More of these pages are downloadable from the web site resources if required.


This is the meatiest section of tidytax for business, and will be completed by every user. This is because everyone who uses tidytax for business would be in business.

tidytax caters for two types of users:

  • users who want to do the best job they can at completing their year end bookkeeping as well as gather all the supporting documents the accountant needs
  • users who want to do the absolute minimum and just gather the documents and leave the year end bookkeeping to the accountant.

Every part is supported by workpapers and videos (we call them resources) available online. We regularly add to our resources based on feedback.

The only detailed instructions that are inclued in the actual book are the instructions to backup your MYOB or Quickbooks data file. This is because it’s such a common question asked of accountants.

It doesn’t matter what bookkeeping software you use. Our website resources also include Essential Reports for Xero users who want to get their bookkeeping in tip top shape.

Plastic pockets at the back of each section give you plenty of room to store the paperwork your accountant needs. Our videos tell you what they look like.

Other sections

  • Buy/Sell – for assets that have been bought or sold – we explain what’s needed, and our videos show you what the paperwork looks like.
  • Investment Section – for investments such as property and shares – for example, we include a rental property worksheet in the book, more that are downloadable from the web along with a video explaining how to use them.
  • Don’t Throw Out – known to accountants as the “permanent” file, and is for all the “stuff” you need to keep from year to year.
  • Advice – for written communications received from other professionals, like solicitors, financial planners, business coachers / mentors / consultants, bank managers etc.


This is a brief section because users need to download tidytax for individuals from the website resources. This is because the links to the ATO change frequently and a printed copy would go out of date.

tidytax for individuals contains lots of links to the ATO’s website for occupational summaries and occcupational rulings. This allows users to get all the information together to allow the accountant maximise allowable tax deductions.

Again, all this information can be placed into the plastic pocket for the accountant.

Once it’s complete

Users give their completed tidytax for business stuffed with supporting paperwork to their accountant.

The accountant gets this work in a logical and consistent format. When they receive the file it’s easy to identify major business events and/or missing information. Users then have the choice to:

  • find the missing information themselves or with the help of their bookkeeper
  • have their accountant help them