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What is tidytax for business?

Watch this video to find out.

You'll see whether tidytax suits you. But if you're still unsure, read the info below.

buy now for $110 inc GST & postage

$110 including GST & postage

Watch the video above to see what’s included

tidytax for business is designed to help you or your bookkeeper gather all the information that your tax agent or accountant will need at tax time.

tidytax for business comes packed with inside tricks of the trade; every single part is supported by web based videos, as well as downloadable worksheets. tidytax for business is easy to use and aimed at business owners who wish to do their own end of year bookkeeping, or for bookkeepers who wish to provide this additional service. Access to the web based resources is limited to twelve months, which is plenty of time to work through the system and provide the information to your accountant or tax agent.

What you’ll get:

Educational manual

. . . filled with instructions and handy pockets so all your paperwork is in one neat place – easy for bookkeepers to complete and your accountant to use

Over 50 video tutorials

. . . explaining step by step how to complete each section of tidytax – that’s up to around $210 worth of FREE information (based on 70 minutes of conversation charged by an accountant at $180 per hour) and perfect for business owners who prefer DIY bookkeeping

Full access to tidytax for individuals

. . . is the companion publication to tidytax for business and is aimed at helping individual tax payers (that’s regular people) collate everything they need to give to their accountant or tax agent at tax time. Because tidytax for individuals contains links to the most current information available from the ATO we suggest that you download tidytax for individuals when you are ready to work through it so that you are working with the most recent version.
hints & tips

Other handy tips and downloadable worksheets

. . . to help summarise tax information in an organised fashion that your accountant understands

Easy to use

. . . for all user groups from those with little through to lots of tax time experience

Don’t use an accountant or tax agent?

Stop! tidytax for business is not for you.

If you are completing your own personal income tax return without the help of a tax agent or accountant you should use the resources published by the Australian Taxation Office and NOT tidytax products. tidytax for business is intended to help you gather the most common information required by your tax agent or accountant so that they can provide you with advice specific to your unique circumstances and ensure that all your taxation matters are properly disclosed to the ATO.