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What is tidytax for individuals?

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tidytax for individuals

tidytax for individuals is the companion publication to tidytax for business and each is designed to complement the other so that when completed they may be provided to your tax agent or accountant.

tidytax for individuals is aimed at helping individual tax payers (that’s regular people) collate everything they need to give to their accountant or tax agent at tax time to aid in the completion of their income tax returns.

tidytax for individuals comes packed with useful information and links to resources available from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Its easy to use and logical checklists help you collect all the information you need to give to your accountant at tax time. Because tidytax for individuals contains links to the most current information available from the ATO we suggest that you download tidytax for individuals when you are ready to work through it so that you are working with the most recent version. For this reason, your access to this product and its resources is limited to twelve months, which is plenty of time to work through the system and provide the information to your accountant or tax agent.

tidytax for individuals can be downloaded for free and gives an indication of the look and feel of its companion product tidytax for business.

What’s included:

Links to ATO resources

. . . employees will find hyperlinks to the ATO. These show you the occupational summaries and guides, as well as specific deductions for certain occupations that help you collect the information your accountant will need to complete your tax return.

Rental Property Resources

. . . rental property owners will find worksheets to help summarise their rental property information.

Investor Resources

. . . investors will find worksheets to help summarise their share buys and sells.


. . . to help you along your way.

Other handy tips and downloadable worksheets

. . . to help summarise tax information in an organised fashion that your accountant understands

Bonus Business Benchmarking Tool

. . . not sure if tidytax for business is for you? Then take a look at our business benchmarking tool to see how your business compares to the ATO’s expectation of businesses in your industry. It’s also a useful tool to see how your business compares to the tax returns lodged by other similar businesses.

Easy to use

. . . for all user groups from those with little through to lots of tax time experience

Don’t use an accountant or tax agent?

Stop! tidytax for individuals is not for you.

If you are completing your own personal income tax return without the help of a tax agent or accountant you should use the Tax Pack and Supplement published by the Australian Taxation Office and NOT tidytax for individuals. tidytax for individuals is intended to help you gather the most common information required by your tax agent or accountant so that they can provide you with advice specific to your unique circumstances and ensure that all your taxation matters are properly disclosed to the ATO.

To access your free tidytax for individuals resources simply click the button below and enter your details.